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How to become an Apprentice


Amteck’s apprenticeship program is a great opportunity for those looking to embark on an exciting new career path.  However, becoming an Apprentice with Amteck requires a few steps.


Apply for Employment

Two ways: through the Pre-Apprenticeship program or apply directly. 
  • Candidates who successfully complete our Pre-Apprentice Program are given higher priority.
  • An applicant must first become an employee before being considered for the apprenticeship program.


Become an Employee

After being hired, there is an evaluation period of approximately 3 months, during which time Amteck is evaluating qualities such as:
  • Arriving on time
  • Appropriate dress
  • Being respectful
  • Being proactive
  • A positive attitude
  • Working hard, working safely


Get Recommended for Apprenticeship

To become an Apprentice an Employee must be recommended by management.
  • Management reviews an Employee’s evaluation period (Step 2) 
  • If Management recommends an Employee for Apprenticeship, they can begin the paid Apprenticeship & embark on an exciting career. See below for definitions and future career options.


Our apprenticeship is a registered 4-year program where you receive classroom and on the job training while being paid. Apprentices may travel to different locations to work on construction sites across the country. After successful completion of the 4-year program, apprentices are prepared to take the exam to become a licensed electrician.

Licensed Electricians

Journeyman/Licensed Electricians work on several different job sites throughout the country having apprentices stage their workplace and learn under them. After a few years of experience, a licensed electrician can apply for a Master Electrician license. United States Department of Labor Bureau of Statistics reported the average income for an electrician was over $50,000 with the highest 10% making over $90,000 a year. Click here to read the US Department of Labor’s findings.

Master Electricians

Master Electricians are the top of their field in experience and pay. They have the expertise and knowledge to tackle the most complex electrical systems. They travel across the country working on unique jobs. They tend to have higher pay and are more likely selected for management – project foremen, project superintendents, project managers and beyond.

Project Foremen

Being a project foreman is the beginning of leadership on a construction site. With years of experience, Project Foremans organize and lead a group of workers toward a common goal. 

Project Superintendents

Project Superintendents supervise the entire construction site ensuring quality and safety standards are met as well as deadlines are kept.

Project Managers

Project Managers work both at job sites and in an office – ensuring supplies are ready for the crew and enhancing the client’s satisfaction.


Amteck prides itself on the ability to train and advance people within the company. Becoming an electrician is only the start of a brilliant career in construction.

About Our Apprenticeship Program

Amteck, through agreements with the US Department of Labor, offers employees in the apprenticeship program the benefit of being listed as a “Registered Apprentice” with the Labor Board.